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Dedicated to restoring teeth through dental treatments each and every day.



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Comfortable and clean environment

Expert advice, +50 years experience

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100% success rate, smiles that last

Dental treatment and cosmetic dentistry in Midrand at affordable prices

We operate a dental clinic in Midrand, Johannesburg, providing quality dental treatment – at an affordable price. We are Family Dental Practice ensuring the utmost of advice and care is given to all our Patients. We look at the best interest of our patients and advise treatment options that are best suited to you as our Patient. 

We only strive to deliver the best quality of care and service to all our patients ensuring the best quality of work is provided.

Dental visits can seem like a daunting endeavour but rest assured that we are here to alleviate any previous fears and use proper care with our patients.

What Our Patients Say…

Moopen Dentistry fixed my smile. It is even better than what it used to be! Highly recommend Moopen Dentistry!

Ilia Zolas

Digital Marketer, The DMC

Why Dental Treatments?


Maintain your oral health and minimise wear & tear


Get the most affordable treatments that yield 100% results


Regain your self-confidence and appearance


Preserve the quality of your teeth and strengthen them


Look like - and feel like - your natural teeth


Have a bright smile that lasts

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