General Dentistry

Fix your smile with a solution that suits you best


Being healthy is a virtue of life, therefore it’s important to look after your health and well-being in order to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. Maintenance is key, so it is our Job as General Dentists to ensure that we keep your teeth fit and healthy for years to come. To achieve these standards, we offer the following services:

Tooth Restorations (Fillings)

We use white coloured Tooth Restorations in order to eradicate decay causing bad breathe and/or cavities, restore function as well as the aesthetic quality of the tooth.

Dental Cleaning (Scaling and Polishing)

We make sure that your teeth are cleaned of any stains or plaque build up followed by polishing of the teeth to make sure oral hygiene is achieved and maintained. Regular check ups are recommended to ensure that proper hygiene is maintained.

Tooth Extractions

Long standing neglect or infection may warrant a tooth to be extracted as it may be beyond repair or cause more issues in the future. Therefore, the teeth in question may be removed to ensure a more healthier and less painful outcome. Options for tooth/teeth replacement are available so that proper function is restored.

Aesthetic Dental Work

Having the healthy teeth can definitely be a confidence booster as well as increase your overall self esteem and outlook on life. More often than not, we are unsatisfied with the look of our teeth whether it be due to stains, damage or overall dissatisfaction with the shape and/or colour of our teeth.

With modern Advancements in Dentistry, such issues can be addressed quickly, painlessly and more importantly Aesthetically pleasing to you, ensuring that function is restored as well as boosting overall confidence. Utilising Digital Scans and CAD CAM technology, we are able to accurately reproduce teeth that are functional, long lasting and beautiful to look at.