Teeth Whitening

Fix your smile with a solution that suits you best

Teeth Whitening

Teeth are often discoloured by the foods we eat or bad habits we may have such as smoking and drinking too much tea or coffee. We are often not satisfied with the colour of our teeth and may want them lighter and whiter. Such discolouration can be fixed using Teeth whitening kits or a laser whitening which we.

Teeth whitening kits are patient dependent and only work to its optimum with proper care and diligent use in order to achieve the best results possible. Custom teeth whitening trays are fabricated for your teeth specifically in order to ensure a snug fit. The Teeth whitening solution is then provided by us followed by the Teeth whitening instructions to ensure that the best results are achieved.


Laser Whitening

Laser whitening is a lot quicker and only requires one 1 hour session. They often lead to less overall sensitivity and tend to last longer than Teeth whitening kits.

It must be noted that no Teeth whitening solution is permanent. Teeth will eventually go back to their original color over time. This process is accelerated if poor oral habits are persist. In order to maintain Teeth whiteness for a longer period, proper diet and oral hygiene needs to be maintained. For a permanent Teeth whitening solution, Dental Veneers or crowns are considered.